Why Hiroshima is a unique and wonderful place to visit.

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I have traveled to Hiroshima on 4 different trips and have come to love this place very much. From the Peace Park within the city to visiting Miyajima Island, you’ll find some of your fondest memories of Japan right here.

The scale of the city is much smaller than Tokyo and Osaka yet it’s still very lively and holds plenty of charm on it’s own.

The food here was some of the best I had across the country and the people were as amazing as everybody is in Japan.

For me, when I bring friends to Japan, I always go to Hiroshima as I know it’s a nice surprise for them and they appreciate the sites they get to see.


The A-Bomb dome is all that remains and has been preserved as a reminder to the horrific events of that day.

The Museum is heart breaking. You won’t find any remnants left behind. What you will find are stories and pictures that are very confronting.

The museum is respectfully and beautifully presented and you will come away feeling privileged to have learnt more about the events.


Hiroshima The city is famous for their Okonomiyaki and you will have no trouble finding a restaurant that serves it.

This savory pancakes’ ingredients are generally made with batter and predominantly cabbage. Mixed with an array of ingredients and toppings, it is simply delicious.

Hiroshima have their very own version which you MUST try.

Rather than mix the ingredients,they are stacked. Also noodles are added and a fried egg. This equates to the “mother” of all pancakes. Don’t bother ordering anything else, you wont make it past your first plate.


hiroshimaThis is the only place in Japan I bothered to hire a push bike. Oh boy it was fun.

Everyone is doing it, from the younger generation to the elderly and Hiroshima is the perfect city to do it in. It’s a little less crazy and therefore a whole lot easier to get around. I really enjoyed seeing the city on 2 wheels.

On my last visit, the hotel we were staying at had electric push bikes. That meant we could really move about with ease, cover heaps of ground and not be too tired at the end of the day.

It’s the same as using a normal bike but you go much faster with less effort. And you can park your bike, leave it unlocked and it will be there where you get back.

Our hotel, Urbain Hiroshima Executive was located close to the JR station so an easy 5 minute walk away. Rooms though small (standard in Japan) were really nice. We had free breakfast plus tea & coffee and drinks any time of day and impeccable service. It was pretty cheap too. Check out the prices here.



If you have a Japan Rail pass you get can out to Miyajima Island for FREE. The train strops right out front of the ferry terminal and it’s only a 10 minute ride out.  (ferry ride included- be sure to board the JR ferry)

The first thing you will notice is the bright orange/red torii gate that sits in the water out front of Itsushima shrine. It’s an incredible symbolic sight.

You’ll need a few hours here as there is so much to experience. It’s all on foot and quite easy to navigate.

There are deer moving around and are harmless and friendly, just wanting some food.

Head onto Omotesando Street, the main thoroughfare where many souvenir shops and lots of funky food to try awaits. Our warm cookie bread with ice cream was amazing.

The temples and shrines are fascinating as was the five story pagoda. An impressive landmark.

The island is a highlight to any visit to Japan.



Head 20 minutes further south and  you will find yourself in the city of Iwakuni. (around 45 minutes form Hiroshima)

Many people who visit Miyijima or Hiroshima don’t get down this way. It’s such a shame because this place is so unique.

The big draw card is the Kintai Bridge, a masterpiece of five wooden arches that span across the Nishiki River. It’s an outstanding scene.

Once you walk across you’ll find yourself in Kikko Park. There is a  large fountain and many beautiful trees and flowers. We were here is March and the plum blossoms were simply stunning.

Look up and you’ll see Iwakuni Castle situated on top of Mount Shiroyama. Take the cable car up for spectacular views below.

The castle itself houses many swords and pieces of armor. The top floor is an observation deck. You can wander around the area before making your way back down.


Most tourists will land in either Tokyo or Osaka. You can take the famous Bullet train from Tokyo to Hiroshima is around 4 hours. That’s insane when you look at the overall distance. So when you think it’s too far, it’s much closer than you think!

We used the JR Pass as it covers so much of the country. Just be aware you need to purchase it before you leave.

So next time you consider a trip to Japan make sure you factor in these unique places to visit. We spent just 3 nights in Hiroshima and loved every minute of it.



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