Hey there, I'm Mel from Melbourne, Australia

I’ve been travelling the globe for over 20 years now, and have a keen interest in visiting National Parks and seeing local wildlife in particular. But I also enjoy a few days in the city and even lazing on a tropical island every now and then   

From the wild side of Alaska to the ancient pyramids in Egypt. From luxury stays in the Maldives to camping within Africa’s game parks, there is always an adventure awaiting. 

Then you have my home here in Australia, which is simply incredible. You absolutely have to see it.



National Park itineraries, City Guides and  a whole lot of outdoor adventure.

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Road Trip Itineraries, cool places to visit and epic experiences. 

Top Reads

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Welcome to My Travel Jam

A blog focusing on National Park Itineraries, epic Road Trips, insane Animal Encounters & oh so Cool Experiences. 

Whether looking for helpful ways to save money to travel, or planning to go all out,  my mission is to enable you to plan and build the most memorable holidays

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This New Zealand North Island itinerary features some of the most diverse geographical attractions on the planet. The small pacific island nation is famous for its incredible scenery, Maori culture, thermal parks and a whole lot of cool experiences. The North Island is no exception, dishing up an amazing amount of stunning things to see […]

This Waikiki Beach Guide covers everything to help you plan your stay for first time visitors to Hawaii. From choosing the best hotel locations , activities, food, shopping and more. So before you head off, make sure you know all the best tips for a memorable vacation. Waikiki Beach Guide  Waikiki attracts millions of visitors […]

Visiting Hawaii first time?  The Pacific island paradise beckons millions of tourists each and every year for good reason. The promise of warm days and laid back island atmosphere, along with  adventure and scenic travel goes well above beyond expectation. Waikiki. located in Honolulu on the main island of Oahu, is usually on most peoples […]

It is hard to put into words how special Yellowstone National Park is in the USA. It is something I had envisioned for many years, a dream finally coming true.  We were praying the weather would hold out but it wasn’t to be. The season literally turned overnight that mid September day.  Sunny and warm […]

There is way too much to love about the USA. This New York City itinerary covers all the great places and attractions that you don’t want to miss, places of interest,shopping & unique stores to visit. It also includes where to stay centrally and for convenience. Visiting NYC for the first time is a mind […]

If you only have the opportunity to spend one day in Zion National Park you’ll be both thrilled and disappointed  Whilst the beauty of this place will take your breath away, you’ll be sad to leave it behind. This amazing destination makes for an unforgettable USA National Park road trip.  How to get to Zion […]

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