Maldives itinerary – 3 affordable & spectacular itineraries you’ll love

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Looking for the best Maldives itinerary that you can actually afford?

Starting at only US $70 a day, this itinerary for Maldives includes everything and I’m here to show you what the price of paradise is really like for those on a budget.


  • Accommodation
  • Transfers
  • Meals
  • Activities (choose your own)

These specially curated itineraries for Maldives cover all types of special vacations. Whether it be a honeymoon trip, loved up couples getaway, relaxing or thrill seeking water adventures, I’m here to show you how to make the most of your hard earned dollars.

You’ll find below my affordable Maldives itinerary 5 days , Maldives itinerary 7 days and Maldives itinerary 10 days.

Each Maldives itinerary is designed to help you budget your trip in the most cost effective way possible. So there is no surprises and you are free to enjoy your epic getaway.

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Hi, I’m Mel, a Travel Consultant who’s been travelling the world for over 20 years.

This is me in the Maldives March 2020 when the world suddenly turned turned upside down. It was my 4th year in a row to the tropical paradise, one of my favourite places on earth.

What you can expect- Maldives travel itinerary:

  • 3 x spectacular Maldives itinerary – choose based on your budget
  • Ranging from 5 to 10 days
  • Includes all types of accommodation – ranging from guest houses to beach front bungalows
  • Estimated Maldives travel costs for each itinerary

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Each Maldives itinerary is fully adjustable and can be altered to suit your needs, so be sure to tailor it till you are fully happy with your decision. My aim is for you to have the best itinerary for Maldives.

Let’s face it. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity for many people, dreaming of a vacation to the Maldives, but of course you want to know the vacation to Maldives cost too. And if you are wondering if the pictures are exactly what you can expect – the answer is YES, it is as gorgeous as it looks.

Be sure to check out my ultimate budget guide to Maldives below

How many days in Maldives – what’s ideal

I’ll start with this – anything less than 5 days is way too short, especially if you are a first time visitor.

Unless you are on a whirlwind trip and have already visited another country nearby, I would never consider staying less than 5 days. It will go so quick and you’ll be wishing you had more time. I would rather choose a cheaper resort or room type than sacrifice days spent in the Maldives, but that’s the budget traveller coming out in me. You might be different.

Ideally, I think a 7 days to 10 day Maldives itinerary is absolutely ideal and if you can can afford longer, then lucky you.

Something to remember is this: for those who do go during the off season, the longer you stay the more chance of sunshine you will get. Though days of solid straight rain are not as common as sporadic rain, it can happen. So stay longer if you can. Also, many resorts get cheaper the longer you stay. Through much research I found that 5 days or longer starts to get cheaper per night.

I once met a couple on Bandos island who were only on the island for 2 nights. We spent US$1300 for 9 nights and they paid $900 for 2 nights, same room type. Ouch!

4 travel tips when deciding your Maldives itinerary

maldives itinerary - tropical palm tree
What the rainy season can look like in the Maldives

Cheapest time of year to visit Maldives

Mid December to April is the high season. It brings the best weather, light winds and lower humidity. But it also attracts the highest resort prices.

For this reason choosing to stay during the months of May to early December are your best chances of landing the best nightly rates on the islands resorts.

I have travelled twice during the high season and chose to stay on the local islands or the lower end resorts to save money. The prices don’t tend to fluctuate like the high end resorts. So if you really want to get your Maldives itinerary costs down then go out of high season.

Will going in the low season mean bad weather?

Not necessarily. But you may experience short to longer burst of showers during these time. The good news is, with the equator being so close, the Maldives is naturally warm all year round. So even if you can only go during the low season, you will be blessed with hot days and warm nights.

It is really a hit and miss situation because the Maldives islands cover such a huge area. On one island it could be raining and the island nearest has non stop sunshine. It has never stopped people from flocking to the Maldives, knowing that the sun always comes out eventually and swim suits are still the dress code.

What are the biggest costs to consider for your Itinerary for Maldives?

These are your biggest costs for your itinerary for Maldives: flights, accommodation, transfers, food, alcohol and activities.

If flights from your part of the world are costly, I would get onto looking for deals immediately. That doesn’t mean booking the cheapest thing you see right now, but rather keeping a close check on the airlines and their sales and special deals over the next several weeks.

Be sure to read my Cheap Travel Hacks for money saving inspiration

As for accommodation, I book immediately, especially if I can get a free cancellation close to the departure date. Otherwise what happens is this: You find a great resort, a good price and sit on it not taking any action. Suddenly, it’s gone and the only way to stay on this particular island is to either change your dates, shorten your trip or upgrade to a much more expensive room type. Then you start kicking yourself for procrastinating for so long.

All my Maldives itineraries will in some way address getting these costs down by showing you the most affordable Maldives vacations.

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What type of Maldives vacation are you planning?

A honeymoon couple or someone celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary versus a family vacation or a dive trip are most likely going to be very different trip styles. Of course, sand, sea and fun are on everyone’s agenda right!

Most islands can cater to whatever your vacation style is. That’s another beauty of the Maldives. It seems to have everyone’s travel type covered.

But there are a few times where you might choose one island or location over another. This might include choosing an island with a house reef so you can snorkel right of shore without paying for a reef trip. That’s big money saved already. Or choosing a cheaper resort over an even cheaper local island because you want to enjoy nightly cocktails. (local islands don’t allow alcohol)

What is your ideal budget for Maldives?

Having a budget in mind is going to make it much more easier to make that hard decision on which itinerary to choose. It also will give you an insight into what you can afford in the first place. It’s so easy to overspend and while for some it may be OK to expand the budget, for others you’ll need to hold tight.

There is nothing worse than regretting excessive overspend on a vacation and one that required you to produce a credit card.

One thing I can say for sure, whichever type of itinerary for the Maldives you choose, it is going to be epic!

Maldives Trip Itinerary Costs

maldives itinerary - ferry inj maldives
Taking the local ferry around the Maldives – what a money saver

All my Maldives trip itineraries are based on twin share accommodation and in US Dollars.

Most people who travel to the Maldives will do so with their loved one, relative or close friend. So sharing the costs of your accommodation is factored in.

You will see the breakdown as a per person cost.

Also, another important thing to mention is that flight costs are not included. This is because we are all coming from different parts of the world, and that means different airlines and costs.

I have never paid more than US$450 for my flights from Australia and that is because I travel on budget airlines such as Air Asia via Kuala Lumpur and Scoot via Singapore (owned by Singapore Airlines). But I have also used Cathay Pacific after getting an incredibly good deal.

For those heading through Kuala Lumpur or Singapore you can read my budget guides and itineraries here.

Note: the local currency is Maldivian Rufiyaa though US dollars are used on Private Island Resorts. For local islands you can generally use either but most likely will receive change back in the local currency. Also, don’t expect an ATM on all local islands so be prepared and take cash.

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OK, so let’s dive into these 5 spectacular & affordable Maldives itineraries.

Maldives itinerary 7 days – From USD $492 pp – local islands

Accommodation per person twin share – 1 night Male / 2 x night Maafushi Island / 3 x night Fulidhoo Island$213
Transfers – local ferry and speed boat $49
Activities – 3 activities included (choose your own)$110
Meals included – an average cost for 7 days$120

This Maldives 7 day itinerary is perfect for:

Budget Conscious Travellers

Adventure travel

Couples , friends and family

Your 7 day Maldives itinerary

Day 1. Male City x 1 night

maldives itinerary - male city buildings

Arrive at Male International Airport before transferring to your hotel in Male city

Depending on your arrival time into Maldives, you have the rest of the day free. Check out the city on foot – you can read more below in the activity section.

Head to Lemon Grass restaurant for some simply delicious local food or purchase some easy snacks from the many grocers located on the island.


Directed located outside the Male Airport terminal is a line of water taxis waiting to take you into the city. The trip takes only 10 minutes to reach Male.

Alternately, ask your hotel for airport pick up. This may be a free service or a small fee. (no more than US$5 per person)

Total cost per person US $1.50


Hotel Octave is highly rated with deluxe double rooms, free WIFI, satellite TV and bottled water. Average price per night US $98

For current pricing – in USD / in AUD

Unima Grand is a 4 star hotel with ocean view rooms, breakfast included and free airport transfers. Average price US $130

For current pricing – USA site / Australia Site

Total cost per person (based on cheapest option) US$49


Enjoy a self guided tour around the city on foot, stopping at Grand Friday Mosque, Presidents Palace and the harbourside produce market, including the fish market.

Total cost per person – FREE

If you do prefer to take a guided tour of the city – you can read my post on the Male City Tour here at approx US $40 pp


A decent meal out in Male will set you back around US$10 per person. Bottles water is very cheap even in a restaurant and you wont pay much more then US $1.

Total Cost per person US $11

Day 2- 3 Maarfushi Island – 2 nights

maldives itinerary man working on boat on the beach

It’s time to venture to Maafushi Island for the next 2 nights. Maafushi is the most well known local island and is popular for the budget conscience. It is also one of the largest islands in the Maldives with 2,700 local residents. This busy local island is Maldives biggest tourist drawcard for water activities. Take your pick at what to do while here or simply enjoy the beach and save even more.

There is ample accommodation and restaurant options to choose from here.


Take the local ferry out to Maafushi Island. The trip will take around 90 minutes an cost a total of approx US $2.

You can either purchase your tickets on the day or arrange your hotel to organize if possible. An important note: tickets cannot be pre-purchased online but can be purchased in person at the dock. To avoid selling out I suggest showing up early or arranging tickets the day before.

Note: the local ferry runs daily except for Fridays – you will need to commute via speed boat if on a Friday.

Total Cost per person US $2

Alternative: want to upgrade to a speed boat transfer which only takes 20 minutes – add US $25 pp and contact the property in Maarfushi to arrange.


Choa Guest House – the cheapest rooms on the island. Includes double room, air con, free WiFi, private bathroom and FREE breakfast. Average price per night US $38

For current pricing – in USD / in AUD

Nala Island Village rates nicely and includes deluxe double or twin room, free WiFi and FREE breakfast. Average price per night US $74

For current pricing – in USD / in AUD

Total price based on the cheapest option US $38 per person for 2 nights


Maafushi has so many awesome water activities to choose from. I have budgeted up to $110 for activities here and on Fulidhoo so anything more will be extra. Click on the links to read more and see current pricing.

Best Maafushi activities under $30 

Half Day Snorkeling

Water sports – jet ski, paddle board, canoe

Banana Boat Ride

Best Maafushi Activities under $70

Half Day Snorkeling, Dophin Watching & Sandbar Excursion

Sunset Fishing with BBQ dinner

Kite Surfing & Wind Surfing

Wakeboard & Waterski

Romantic Beach dinner 

Best Maafushi Activities under $100

Single Scuba Dive including equipment

Full Day Snorkeling

Dolphin Quest Experience

Biyadhoo Island Resort Day trip


You will have plenty of choice for quality restaurants or easy take away options.

You hotel includes free breakfast so I suggest enjoying a hearty meal and eating cheap snacks for lunch from the local markets and grocers. A decent dinner shouldn’t set you back anymore than $10 to $15 per person.

Total cost of all meals US $20 per person per day = $40

Day 4 – 6 Fulidhoo Island – 3 nights

maldives itinerary - tropical beach
Enjoying my budget stay on a local island Maldives – Fulidhoo Island

This gorgeous and low key island is your ticket to relaxation and chilled out vibes. The island is boasted as being the ‘best local island” in the Maldives. The small island has only a handful of guest houses so it feels like seclusion in comparison to Maafushi.

Take a dip at bikini beach and be sure to head down to the waters edge at dusk to watch and participate in feeding the sting rays.

Read my guide to Fulidhoo island here


Take the ferry from Maafushi to Fulidhoo Island – approx time 90 minutes. Sit back and enjoy the slow ride taking in the many island of the Maldives along the way.

Note: the local ferry only runs Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday

Total Cost per person US $2


You can enjoy the sounds of the ocean and close proximity to the beach due to Fulidhoo being a smaller island.

Alkina Lodge includes double room with free WiFi and FREE breakfast. Average price per night US $92

For current pricing – in USD / in AUD

Island break has twin rooms, private balcony , free WiFi and FREE breakfast. Average price per night US $110

For current pricing – in USD / in AUD

Total cost based on cheapest option US $136 per person for 3 nights


The best activity on the island is most definitely the Swim with sharks + sandbar excursion. Don’t worry, these nurse sharks are harmless and you will be in the water with guides to help you. Then onto a secluded sandbar for where you can relax or do a spot of snorkeling. I did this half day trip and loved it.

You can arrange to book either through the dive centre of with your guest house host.

Total Cost per person US $50

If you prefer to spend your time in Fulidhoo relaxing, you can enjoy the many beaches including Bikini Beach and feeding the stingrays during the evening. You may even find free local entertainment happening at some of he restaurants during the evening.


As per Maafushi Island meal costs, Fulidhoo will be the same deal. Free breakfast, easy snacks for lunch and dinner at either your guesthouse (they make a great local meal) or a nearby restaurant.

You can find local meals such as a curry or a few western options. Each meal is generally served with rice, salad and a drink.

Total cost of all meals US $20 per person per day = $60

Day 7. Transfer back to Male International Airport for your outbound flight

Speedboat Transfer to Airport from Fulidhoo Island to be organized by your guest house. Make sure you arrange this well in advance and make sure it lines up with your flight time. (if your flight is early you may need to transfer back to the mainland the day before)

Total cost US $50 per person

Want to know about Fulidhoo island – read my full review here: Best local Island Maldives

Consider what you should pack for a local island by reading The Best Maldives packing list – resorts and local islands

Maldives itinerary 5 days – From USD $750 + pp – luxe resort

Accommodation per person twin share – 4 nights $540 +
Transfers – speed boat $96 +
Activities – (choose your own)$100
Meals – average cost of 5 days$15

This Maldives 5 day itinerary is perfect for:

Budget Honeymooners

Couples / anniversary / special event

Those on limited time wanting a most luxe affordable experience

Your Maldives itinerary 5 days

Day 1 to 4 Maldives Resort

maldives itinerary - resort island maldives
Lazy days at Bandos Resort with an amazing house reef

Before we get into the resorts it’s important to address how to get the best possible prices for this Maldives itinerary. Also, we want to include an activity, whether that be a water based adventure or a spa treatment. Alternately, you can opt out of an activity and put this toward alcohol instead.

All prices are at the lower end for a budget traveller, so if you can afford to indulge a little more you can easily add an extra night or another activity.

Things that will increase your spend include:

  • going in the high season (mid December – end April)
  • staying further out from the airport (increases your transfer cost by US $100 to $300 extra per person)
  • upgrading to all inclusive rates
  • upgrading your room type

That’s why I’ve included only the best resorts in this Maldives itinerary article that are still value for money. Remember, ALL the beaches in Maldives are divine but some offer a cheaper experience such as a “free: house reef (no paying for a snorkel excursion at $50+ each)

These are all the little things I take into account when choosing the right resort for the absolute best price.

Resort Islands to choose from

We look at 3 budget resorts that are great value for accommodation, transfers, meals and activities.

Basically, they are the best bang for your buck.

  1. Bandos Maldives- 5 star
  2. Eriyadu Island Resort – 4.5 star
  3. Embudu Village – 4 star


Transfers to resorts are organized by the resort. You cannot take a public boat. Generally, you will be contacted by the resort for your flight details and met at the airport for your transfer. Alternately, contact the resort at least 3 days prior to departure.

Bandos Maldives: speedboat transfer is 10 km from Male International and takes around 15 to 20 minutes to reach.

Total Cost per person – US $94 round trip

Eriyadu Island Resort: speedboat transfer is 47 km from Male International and takes around 50 minutes to reach.

Total Cost per person US $165

Embudu Village: speedboat transfer is 11 km from Male International and takes around 15 to 20 minutes to reach.

Total Cost per person US $78


Enjoy all the benefits of staying in a resort.

Bandos Maldives includes half board (breakfast & dinner)

  • beach front room, free WiFi and free bottled water.

Average price per night US $270

For current pricing – in USD / in AUD

Eriyadu Island Resort – includes half board (breakfast & dinner)

  • seaview sky room , free WiFi and free bottled water.

Average price per night US $320

For current pricing – in USD / in AUD

Embudu Village– includes half board (breakfast 7 dinner)

  • beach Bungalow , free WiFi and free bottled water.

Average price per night US $285

For current pricing – in USD / in AUD


The above resorts all have a HOUSE REEF.

This simply means you can snorkel to your heart’s content straight off the beach. The coral in the Maldives is some of the liveliest I have seen. But even better, Maldives have more aquatic life than I have encountered on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia, the Red Sea, Egypt, Hawaii and the Caribbean. So save up to $45 – $50 having to pay for a snorkel trip off shore and go as often as you like. How amazing is that!

The above budget has allocated $100 per person for activities. You can increase or decrease that amount.

Into diving? Check out Bandos Resort for the best dive locations and dive shop

Choose from a water activity, spa treatment or cocktails at sunset.

To give you an idea, this is what you could get for up to $100 per person.

Bandos Maldives

55 minute massage (aromatherapy, Swedish, hot stone + more) $100

40 minute body mask or body Scrub $65

55 minute Facial $75

55 minute manicure $35 / pedicure $45

4 hour island hopping $45

3 hours Male City Tour $45

Sandbank Picnic $70

2 hour Sunset Dolphin Cruise $40

4.5 hour Night Fishing and beach BBQ $70

30 minute Glass bottom Boat $25

Single Dive $49.25 (dive packages available)

Eriyadu Island Resort

60 minutes massage (Swedish, Tropical, Aromatherapy, Hot stone + many more) $70 to $75 pp

60 minute body scrub (sandalwood, coconut) $65

60 minute Facial – $65 to $70

30 minute manicure and pedicure $25

Mask, Snorkel Fins $8 per day or just Mask and Snorkel $5 per day

60 minute SUP (stand up paddleboard) or kayak or windsurf $20

60 minutes Private Lessons – Windsurf $45 / Catamaran Sailing $65

15 minutes Banana Tube, Water ski, Wakeboard $30

Single dives starting from $52

Seafood Dinner $70 pp

Embudu Vilage

50 minute massage (Full Body Aromatherapy, Balinese, Detox +more) $81 to $86

40 minute Body Scrub $56

45 minute manicure $41

60 minute pedicure $46

60 minute facial $76

3 hour night fishing $24 pp

2 hour sunset dolphin cruise $32

2.5 hours Stingray city snorkel $35

6 hours Island hopping $48

1 hour kayak $10

1 hour windsurf or SUP $20

1 dive tank and weights $57


Breakfast & Dinner is included in the above resort prices.

The meals are buffet style and there is plenty of fresh and delicious choices to choose from. Depending on where you have previously travelled in the way of resorts, this is high quality produce and simply delicious.

I suggest snacking on fresh fruit, crackers, cookies, chocolate and whatever takes your fancy over lunch.

You can either purchase from the resort at extremely high prices ($5 small chocolate bar / $5 bag of crisps) OR pre purchase back in Male City before you head to the resort. Even the airport will be cheaper.

I generally can grab enough snacks from the mainland to last me 7 – 10 days for no more than US $20. So for your 5 days of lunches I would estimate around $10 to $15 per person.

Day 5 Departure

For your final day, the resort will coordinate your departure time depending on your flight time. 

Costing breakdown for 5 days / 4 nights
BANDOS MALDIVES – per personAccommodation Transfers Activitiesmeals
– includes breakfast & dinner$540$94$100$15
ERIYADU RESORT – per personAccommodation Transfers Activitiesmeals
– includes breakfast & dinner$640$165$100$15
EMBUDU VILLAGE – per personAccommodation Transfers Activitiesmeals
– includes breakfast & dinner$570$78$100$15

Maldives itinerary 10 days – From USD $1270 pp – best of both worlds

Accommodation per person twin share – 5 nights local island + 4 nights resort$837
Transfers – local ferry and speed boat $168
Activities – (choose your own)$150
Meals included – an average cost for 10 days (some meals included)$115
TOTAL COSTS PER PERSON (based on the cheapest option)$1270

Want to extend your stay but not your wallet.

This Maldives 10 day itinerary is perfect for:

Those who want to extend their holiday but not their budget

Those who want to experience the luxury side of Maldives but also experience local culture

Your Maldives itinerary 10 days

5 nights local island / 4 nights resort

I suggest staying at a combination of a local island and a resort. That way you get the best of both worlds.

The following Maldives itinerary is based on combining a more luxe stay, even on the local islands. So that means faster transfers and highly rated hotels for a superior stay. But you can always opt for the cheaper side of accommodation for the local island which will cut your saving back at least $100 per person.

  1. local islands have much better deals on accommodation, meals & activities, while you still get to experience staying on a tropical island
  2. resorts give you that luxe experience you are most definitely wanting
  3. Combining the two helps extend your time while still being budget conscious

Day 1 to 5 – local island

maldives itinerary - local island street with shops either side


For this Maldives itinerary we are using speed boat transfers over local ferry, just to make your trip a bit more luxe, but you can choose to save even more by taking the local ferry (which runs generally only every second day). Cost between $2 to $4 each way.

Local Islands to choose from

Maafushi Island – US $50 return per person

Suited to : Best island for water activities, cheap accommodation and eating out options. Also, those who don’t mind a bigger and busier island with more tourists.

Fulidhoo Island – US $90 return per person

Suited to : Small island offering a more secluded and quiet island experience. Great for shark dive and snorkel tours. Rated the “best local island” in the Maldives.

Rasdhoo Island – US $80 return per person

Suited to : those who enjoy a smaller and more secluded island. Great for dive enthusiasts and snorkeling off shore.

Thoddo island: US $80 return per person

Suited to: best island to explore. Rent yourself a bike and explore the larger island, passing though fruit plantations before stopping for a dip in one of the two tourist beaches on the island. Swimming and snorkeling are perfect in Thoddo.

Ukulhas Island: $100 return per person

Suited to: smaller island with a bigger tourist feel. Great restaurants, beaches and general vibe.


Maafushi Island – 5 night stay

Arena beach hotel : 4 star / rooms with balcony/ roof top pool / private beach / free WiFi / breakfast included

Average price per night US $157

For current pricing – in USD / in AUD

Fulidhoo Island – 5 night stay

Island break hotel – 3 star / deluxe room / free WiFi / breakfast included

Average price per night US $107

For current pricing – in USD / in AUD

Rasdhoo Island: 5 night stay

Rasdhoo Coralville – 3 star / deluxe room / free WiFi / breakfast included

Average price per night US $159

For current pricing – in USD / in AUD

Thoddo Island – 5 night stay

Thoddo Inn – 3 star / double room / free WiFi / breakfast included

Average price per night US $150

For current pricing – in USD / in AUD

Ukulhas Island- 5 night stay

Paguro Villa – 3 star / comfort room / free WiFi / breakfast included

Average price per night US $150

For current pricing – in USD / in AUD


This itinerary of allows $50 per person in activities of your choice. Spend more, spend less, it’s really up to you.

This could include a water sport, snorkeling tour or intro dive. Alternately, you could opt to save that money and just spend your time swimming and relaxing. It’s totally up to you.

Activity allocation $50 per person


With free breakfast, you only have to pay for lunch and dinner.

US $20 per person per day should be plenty to cover a delicious local meal . You might even save more by snacking only during the day, especially as the breakfast meals are quite generous.

Meal allocation $20 per person per day

Day 6 to 10 – Resort

maldives itinerary - maldives resort seating area near beach

Note: your 5 days in a resort are based on the same Maldives 5 day itinerary in this article.

You can always opt to increase your budget to include a full board or all inclusive rate. This generally includes alcohol and water sport activities (such as parasailing for example. ) I always find the all inclusive deal is quite a step up and may cost another $80 to $100 per person. It’s a lot of alcohol if that is all you are interested in. So for that reason I have not included this cost.

To give you a few ideas of combining islands – here are some sample itineraries:

All prices are in USD.

Example itinerary 1

FULIDHOO ISLAND- per personAccommodation TransfersActivitiesExtra Meals
– includes breakfast$267$90$50$100
EMBUDU RESORT – per personAccommodation Transfers ActivitiesExtra Meals
– includes breakfast & dinner$570$78$100$15
TOTAL COST = US $1270 per person

Example itinerary 2

MAAFUSHI ISLAND – per personAccommodation TransfersActivitiesExtra Meals
– includes breakfast$392$50$50$100
BANDOS MALDIVES – per personAccommodation Transfers ActivitiesExtra Meals
– includes breakfast & dinner$540$94$100$15
Estimated TOTAL COST = US $1341 per person

Example itinerary 3

THODDO ISLAND – per personAccommodation TransfersActivitiesExtra Meals
– includes breakfast$375$80$50$100
ERIYADI RESORT – per personAccommodation Transfers ActivitiesExtra Meals
– includes breakfast & dinner$640$165$100$15
Estimated TOTAL COST = US $1525 per person

Conclusion to Maldives itinerary – making it affordable

One of the greatest things I love about the Maldives is that it’s so much easier to work out your Maldives travel costs.

How many times how you budgeted a destination and completely blown your budget out of the water. The Maldives are much easier as you kind of know what’s coming. And even if you do opt for a sunset cruise or a few cocktails each night, it’s not going to completely blind side you, as you’ve most likely pre paid every thing else.

For that reason, it’s the perfect location to set up a Maldives itinerary that works for you.

To get started, don’t forget to sign up to for your 10th night free. It will be well worth it on this trip.

My booking resources made handy:

CheapOAir for cheap flights including all the budget airlines – the biggest range of hotels / apartments / entire homes +plus get a free night for every 10 nights you save up.

Viator for day tours from a range of tour suppliers

Klookfor all your entry tickets plus skip the line