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Travel planning is where it’s at!

I’ve been seeing the world for over 20 years now and have well and truly worked out how to have the best and most affordable experience every time.

But I’m no backpacker or couch surfer, I just love affordable vacations where I get to see and do what I really want.

Of course, a budget traveler of any kind knows there are sacrifices, but it shouldn’t stop your ideal getaway. 


Without a budget in mind and without thorough research on your chosen destination, expenses can really blow out easily. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have it all down to a fine tooth comb. But an overview of where you plan to go, how you plan to get there and what you plan to do can give you a good idea of what you can expect to pay.

SAVING MONEY for the ultimate getaway

No one wants that bucket list trip if you can’t see and do everything you want. But there is only so far the purse strings can stretch.

I suggest reading how to save for your ideal vacation so you can enjoy your time away with absolutely NO REGRETS.

GREAT DEALS so you can travel more often

Lets’ face it, travel is addictive. Once you have ticked of that first holiday, you are itching for the next. And it never ends!

With so many unbelievable destinations out there to discover and only one lifetime to explore them, the question becomes – how to afford to travel more often.

I do this through travel hacks. This means having a system in place I follow before setting off anywhere. From knowing how to find the best travel deals to signing up for rewards programs that get me free stuff like hotel stays and free or budgeted flights. It all helps cut the costs and save you even more.

Savings on the road

For someone who wants to TRAVEL MORE but can’t necessarily afford to , saving money at every point of travel goes with the territory.

I get it, the thought of having to be so tight with your money potentially means you can’t really get out there and enjoy yourself. Well, I beg to differ….

Actually, the thought of spending beyond my means gives me hot sweats as much as the thought of only being able to afford one vacation a year.

So my travel motto:

So it’s not all bad, because you still get to experience everything on your wish list. It’s the rest that we budget down, You know, the stuff that isn’t important.

You can discover more here on how save while on your journey.

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