11 wonderful reasons to travel – right now!

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I can think of 100 reasons to travel. From exotic escapes, chasing sunshine, adventure, relaxation and non stop parties. There is a lot to like. But there is so much more to it than that. It can redefine everything you thought you knew about yourself and about life.

Yes , it’s that deep !

Reasons to Travel

1. A life changing event

Many people travel for various reasons but most never dream that such an event can have life changing outcomes.

I never had the desire to travel internationally or rather i’d never considered it. I was just living my life day to day, unaware that I was somewhat unfulfilled.

it was a trip I took in my 30th year on earth that I met  the very person that would change all that. I was in awe of meeting someone who invariably “had their shit together”. Strong values, goal orientated and just so darn likable. They were also reasonably well traveled. I would strike up a friendship on the spot and an invitation the USA.

I spent a months visiting places such as New Orleans, New York, New Hampshire and much more. I never realized even a place like the US could be so unlike my own surroundings.

Travel can be very rewarding and certainly fulfilling. It can have real meaning, not just cocktails by the pool so to speak.

reasons to travel

2. It can make you more experienced

Many students take a Gap Year after high school and head out in the world for their first taste of true independence. It’s a sure way to propel one’s self into adulthood.

Regardless of whether you are just out of school or still finding your way through life as a maturer individual, travel can sure make you a more experienced person. It can force you out of your comfort zone and facing decisions you’ve never dealt with.

In short, it can provide with the the tools to life you never knew existed.

reasons to travel

3. Relieve the stresses of life

Life wasn’t meant to be easy. Not everyone gets an smooth passage.

We are faced with stresses every single day of our lives. How we handle them determines our better judgement. Work, relationships, kids and even traffic users all test us time to time. Hoping tomorrow will be a better day doesn’t always work. It just starts all over again.

A holiday can have great advantages. A time to forget about the pressures upon you , to recuperate and rejuvenate. Just remember, you may not be the only one needing a well earned break. Others in your immediate family could probably all use the time out together as a family. And whilst it may not fix all the problems in your life, it can sure ease the pain.

Travel can break up the mundane pressures you experience. You just might owe it to yourself and others to resolve the issue.

reasons to travel

4. Money better spent

We sure are a wasteful bunch. We spend money because we have it and still spend money when we don’t.

The 80’s started it all. Shopping malls paving the way for the “spending generation”. So what are you spending your hard earned cash on and doesn’t it give you great joy? Are you fulfilled in every sense of the word through these purchases.

My point, if you are going to throw your hard earned cash away, why not save it and waste it on four weeks  in the south of France. And you know travel never goes out of style, unlike that faux leather jacket you bought last winter.

reasons to travel

5. Be a better version of yourself

When you meet the kindest folk who have very little in their lives and struggle to feed their families, it breaks your heart.

When poor and undernourished children run through the streets unaware they are living a life you just don’t comprehend. And yet you see spirit in their movements and joy in their eyes.

I have seen it many times over and it brings with it a lot of emotion  It’s hard not to return home and feel everyone around you is unappreciative and at times selfish. But that’s not the point!

If it helps you be more compassionate, more forgiving or just feel more blessed with what you have. If it means you’ll try harder, be more patient or donate your time to helping others then I think that’s a good thing. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be a better version of yourself right!

Many worldly travelers will most definitely attest to this.

reasons to travel

6. Something to look forward to

My friends know me too well. “so where’s your next holiday to?” they ask.

I don’t look forward to birthdays or Christmas. Only day light savings, the first days of summer and where I’m off to next.

Having something to look forward to can give you hope and happiness. It makes you want to shed a few kilo’s before you think about packing your swimsuit or setting goals such as saving more money.

So rather than looking forward to next weekend, try aiming a little higher.

reasons to travel

7. It makes you smarter

Did you know that New Zealand has no snakes or that there are 25 border crossing vehicle lanes from Tijuana in Mexico to San Diego, USA.

Well I didn’t till I traveled there.

The world has so much information to offer. You’ll quite possibly be getting a lesson in geography, history and culture on your next venture. Things that made you fall asleep in class are now interesting facts when you’re away from home. When you are living in the moment and experiencing it first hand suddenly history’s not so bad after all.

And not to mention improving your math’s skills when you have to convert 1000 South African Rand to Australian dollars.

You see, travel makes you so much smarter.

8. It may be too late …..later on

Why put off tomorrow what you can do today.

When are waiting to travel? When you retire, when the kids are all grown up. When you win the lotto?  That may never happen.

Go while you can, especially if you have the ability to save for it now. You may end up with a rare disease or worse, the kids may never move out of home.

And then one day you’re sitting in your rocking chair thinking, Woulda Coulda Shoulda right!

reasons to travel

9. The world is changing right before our eyes

Venice is sinking!

Global warming, security concerns and even pollution are changing the face of the earth.

Reefs are dying, forests are being cut down and cities are busting at the seams. Who know’s if your dream destination in 10 years will still be the one you picture today.

As wildlife becomes endangered and places that were considered safe are now “no go ” zones, you could be missing opportunities.

See it while you can because if may not be there one day.reasons to travel

10. You meet the most amazing people

Life long friendships are found on holidays. And that’s just the tour bus.

How fascinating is it to see how other people live or the language they speak. We find a way to communicate through language barriers and in the end have a good laugh about it.

We converse with people we have nothing in common with, just because they are so interesting.

There is so much to learn through the eyes of others.

reasons to travel

11. A life time of memories

What are you planning on taking to the grave?

I don’t have the big two story house and double garage. I don’t aim to have it either.

But I do have a vivid recollection of the time to I flew over Denali National Park in Alaska and landed on a glacier. Or the time I walked with lions in Zimbabwe. I remember what I did, what I saw and more importantly how it made me feel.

i remember thinking ” life doesn’t get any better than this”.

So don’t wait too long to travel if it is on your wish list. Start making memories right NOW.